A downloadable game for Windows

This was made as part of a group for Global Game-jam 2016

Chrissie Lock - Artist

Aleksis Andzans - Programmer(updated framework, gameplay, characters etc..)

James Davidson - Programmer(framework, gameplay, characters etc..)

Philip Alassad - Programmer (initial framework, Level design and creation, some minor bugfixes at the end)

http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/ignoble-sacrifice for more details

This is a two player game. One player is the witch, the other player is the Knight. The Knight has to escape the maze and the witch has to sacrifice the knight at the fiery altar of dooooooom *evil laugh*.


1.witch walks into knight

2.witch can then drag knight away

3.knight enters five random direction keys

4.keys are put on stack

5.witch must enter the reverse combo of keys to reduce the stack

6.witch must prevent knight from entering five keys in a row

7.entering keys uses the knights stamina

8.stamina does regenerate over time

9.If witch wins, knight gets dragged to altar and certain doom

10.if knight wins, witch is stunned for 3 secs and knight can escape Keys: knight: arrow keys witch: W,S,A,D

Have fun

This game was made with Allegro(C++). You may need to download the VC re-distributables from Microsoft to play this game.

Published Mar 16, 2017
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Extract the files and run the .exe


Ignoble Sacrifice.zip 6 MB