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This game was another solo project, with a bit of experimentation. and was initially created to work with PS4.

Features include a continuous road with randomly generated trees and rocks etc... Enemies also randomly spawn and will attempt to cause damage to the player, by getting in his/her way.

The wheels are also animated (that was tricky to do!) and the health bar is hanging over the player, rather than part of the HUD.

The camera also rotates around to the side of the (player)car as it accelerates.

Please feel free to comment. I personally think that this game has quite a bit of potential, so please feel free to let me know what features you would like to see (extra weapons, different cars and cars which fire back are all possibilities).

As with all of my games, SFX and music is a future possibility.

Unity game with C#

Sky box by clandestine studio 2008.

Vehicles downloaded from the Unity asset store.

All other assets, Kenney Game Assets 2 purchased from Itch.io

Published Mar 15, 2017
Tags3D, Driving

Install instructions

This is a Unity game.

Extract and run the .exe

You can use a keyboard or an Xbox 360/PS4 controller to play


CrazyBob.zip 24 MB

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