A downloadable game for Windows

This is a solo project originally made in April 2016. Since then, I have added functionality for multiple levels and also made a few fixes.

This game was made with Allegro 5 (C++)

Assets taken from the Kenney asset pack (purchased 2016 CC0 licence).

You play the part of Figgy, who's gone on a treasure hunting adventure (I called him Figgy, cos he looks a bit like a fig... original eh?).

Navigate the levels looking for the key to open the door, collecting coins as you go.

You can jump and run about to navigate the levels, but be careful falling as this can hurt if you fall too far!

You have five minutes to leave each level

Bouncing about too much can stun Figgy, if this happens, let go of the keys, this will allow movement again.

Known bugs/issues:

1. collisions can be a bit iffy at times, though this doesn't break the game (this includes lifts and being slightly stuck on walls/the floor,), also, occasionally Figgy will fall through a platform (Normally the end sections). I'm working on a fix for this.

2. Some of the sounds need slight refinement (If the music does your head in, you can turn it off in the options menu :D ).

Current features Beta 1:

1. Two full levels

2. bronze, silver and gold coins to pick up

Planned features:

1. Enemies (two different types so far)

2. Floor traps (spikes so far)

3. Two more levels (more will be added if I get enough interest)

4. Pickup sounds

5. Falling sound

6. Bonus pickups (extra lives so far)

7. A savable Hi Score table

8. I may add controller support (let me know if you want it)

Thanks and I really hope you enjoy playing this game. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any suggestions or (constructive) comments.

Phil. A

Install instructions

Unzip and run the .exe

You may need the MSVC re-distributables to run this game, available from Microsoft website.


figgys-adventure-windows-beta.zip 11 MB
Version 1 Mar 18, 2017

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